Airtime top-up is a service available from some telecom network providers that lets you purchase mobile airtime for a cellphone or mobile phone elsewhere in the world. 

As soon as  you connect a mobile phone to a telecom network, you need to purchase credit to enable you to use that telco network’s airtime. Airtime allows you to access the network’s service offerings, voice, mobile data, sms etc. When you add credit to a prepaid phone, this is known as a ‘Top up’. Topping up a phone will allow continued use of the telco’s service until the credit has run out.

You can stay in touch with family and friends when you are far away from home. Use airtime top-up service offered by many websites to connect with your family. 

VayuPay is helping small, medium and large businesses all over the world to host their own fully customized, real time top-up solutions. 

VayuPay integrates multiple airtime top-up APIs from different providers like DingConnect, DTone etc. which makes it super advanced and flexible.