Airtime Top Up Software Solution

The Comprehensive Money Transfer Software loaded with unmatched & advance features to effectively manage your Money Transfer Business


Airtime Top Up Software – Allow your customer to send or recharge mobile for more than 500 mobile operators worldwide.

VayuPay Airtime Top Up Software allows you to reach and service the people looking to send airtime top up to friends and families back in their home countries. Airtime Top Up Software allows your business to offer a professional and easy mobile and cell phone top up service for people looking to add airtime credit on the go.

Benefits for your business

  • Instantly delivered & start increasing your income
  • Scale your business to 150 countries with over 500 operators
  • Get a sophistication and strong system in place
  • Best-in-class technology for top-ups with operator identification
  • Complete white label solution


  • Customized mobile recharge software with flexible business plan management
  • With quick registration, send directly to any prepaid mobile number
  • Credited instantly in local currency to recipient
  • Easy to use online portal for single payment
  • Easy payment Options
  • High value for recipients in all emerging markets
  • Get historical transaction records
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Comprehensive system and support
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Strong Back Office Panel
  • Customer panel with dashboard
  • Compatible for SEO
  • Payment gateway integration for credit card & debit card payments
  • Interactive Web application with easy to use user friendly platform
  • Deployment on hosting and support
  • Customer historical transaction details


How does the Airtime Top Up work?
  1. At first, you will depot some balance in service provider account.
  2. Customer login to website, pay by credit/debit card or paypal for the airtime top up,
  3. My system will send API call to service provider in back ground at the same time for the top up selected.
  4. Thus Receiver will gets instantly (real time) top up amount at his/her mobile number.
  5. My system will show customer a confirmation window with order no.
  6. Service provider will deduct automatically same amount from your service provider account balance.
  7. Top Up product cost was X from service provider and you will put say 2 USD on top up of it so it will be displayed as X+2 = Y to customers.
  8. Since service provider will only take X from you for order so $2 will be your profits.
  9. Once service provider balance gets low, you will need to top up it again.
Can I purchase the system?
Yes, it is possible to purchase a tailored/customized version of the system.
How much time does it take to set up the system?
We can setup airtime top up system in 8 to 10 days. Any integration, customization may take little longer.
Can you migrate my existing data?
Yes, with a minimal consulting and migration fee, we can migrate your existing data to help you keep the existing happy customers data.
What type of notification does the system have?
Vayupay sends email notifications to its users. It is also full compatible with SMS notifications.
Can I accept customer’s payment via their credit/debit cards to process transfer?
Yes, system is all set for taking online payments. To accept credit/debit cards you need to set up a merchant account with a merchant account provider. We will then setup payment gateway service via utilizing APIs.
What server do i need for hosting system?
Your server should support widows hosting if yes then we can use the same. It should be a windows based server, Linux or any other OS based server will not work for system.

Also, in case that does not work, we will host on shared hosting which will not be with much cost. No worry for hosting, for that we will help you to get with a reasonable prices.

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