There are many benefits of using a mobile wallet, especially for gift cards. The days of overstuffed, leather wallets are inevitably coming to an end.

states that over 2022 5.4 trillion people regularly use virtual or mobile wallet transactions. This statistic is not all that surprising, considering how so many things have gone virtual within the past year. 

The best part about using virtual wallets is that you are not limited to using a debit or credit card. Reward cards, plane tickets, and most importantly, gift cards can also be stored and used within a virtual wallet.

Speaking of gift cards…since virtual wallets are so convenient and easy to use, here are the top five reasons why you should be using a mobile wallet for your gift cards. 


1. Gift Cards Always On-Hand

When was the last time you left your home without taking your phone with you? Probably never. 

To say our phone is always within reach is an understatement, over 95% of people have a smartphone and rely on having it with them the majority of the time. The positive part of having your phone on you is that you also have your mobile wallet on you. 

No longer do you have to worry about making sure you have every gift card inside of your physical wallet or handbag when it’s time to leave. Most of us do not even know which stores we are visiting until we are out and about. With a virtual wallet, you can conveniently have access to all your gift cards, all of the time. 

2. Keeping Gift Cards Secure

Never again do you have to worry about losing your gift cards (this includes losing them in a drawer OR at the bottom of your purse). With a virtual wallet, your gift card will always be secure and within reach. 

There’s no chance of setting it down and losing while running errands. The mobile wallet also eliminates the chance of someone else taking your gift card and spending the money on it. 

It’s safe to say that the majority of people trust private information being stored on their mobile phones, so why not add a gift card? To assure optimal security of your cards, be sure to passcode protect your cell phone or Apple watch. You do not want to lose your phone or watch and have someone use your credit, debit or gift cards.

3. Mobile Wallets are Easy to Use

While the younger generation is very tech-savvy, anyone can easily and confidently use a mobile wallet. It can be a scary jump to go completely mobile with your gift cards, but smartphones have made the wallet feature very user friendly. 

Whether you are using the virtual wallet feature directly on your phone or through a store or restaurant’s mobile app, there are directions to guide you through the entire process. All it takes is a few clicks, and the card is ready to scan and use!  

For instance, a great example of a gift card use case for this virtual or mobile wallet usage is Dunkin’. You can send a virtual Dunkin’ gift card as a reward through the VayuPay platform.

Once the recipient claims their Dunkin’ card, they can save it either in their virtual wallet within their phone, or add it to their mobile wallet within the Dunkin’ mobile app. This will allow the person to earn and redeem DD Perks on items purchased with the particular gift card. This makes a Dunkin’eGift card especially easy to use and simple to keep track of.

4. Free Range of What You Can Do

 Is it a friend’s birthday? A holiday you forgot to shop for? Well don’t worry, you can easily send a virtual gift card to a friend or family member within minutes. You no longer have to take the time to go to the store, pick out a card, check out, and then deliver it. Simply buy a gift card online and transfer it over text. Buying gift cards has never been easier, so take advantage of how effortlessly this can be done.  

Additionally, employee and customer rewards can also be sent virtually. These virtual gift card rewards can be stored in a mobile wallet and used when ready to spend it.

5. More Space in Your Wallet

While the idea of having a completely virtual wallet may be daunting to some, choosing to have your gift card in a mobile wallet can save space for your purse!

Keep your cash and debit card on hand while having all your gift cards in a virtual wallet. This can save several pockets in your physical wallet and save you time from digging in your purse as you checkout.  

There are so many other benefits to putting your gift cards in a digital wallet, but consider these when going to buy your next card!

VayuPay offers different types of Gift card solutions, get in touch to know more.