We are in evolution century where daily new innovations with technicality have turn into asset of life.

Previously we didn’t have much facility for sending money to our family or friends for doing so it took our time and patience but now talking about digital world we can send money lying on the bed with few clicks from mobile or laptop but are we sure its trustworthy ? Reliable? Secure? Of course all the facility have become boon for us.

Exchange of currency can be a pain if you have to send money to family or friend’s overseas. Finding a reliable online exchange provider or looking for banks in an unknown country can be expensive, rigorous, as well as time-consuming.

Sending online money is fast and the right way but how? Here are safety tips to remember for online money transfer.

Behold with frauds

Clicked a harmless looking email? Feast once eyes it can be trick to record your personnel details. It makes you enter all your personal details without giving you a chance to doubt its authenticity. And you fall for it, compromising your security. Be very cautious about such mails and links, as they come in the guise of very important and genuine things. Check for their credibility before entering any personal details. Remember, no authentic site asks for your bank details.

Genuinely life has turned into effortless with online money transfer.  It has stamp out the need for a bank visit or a remittance agency for overseas funds transfers. Just a secure internet connection, a safe device and these safety tips are all you need for a hassle-free remittance experience.


Use a safe device free from malware for online remittance. Otherwise, by unknowingly exposing yourself to certain malware you can dangerously compromise your personal and bank details. Be sure with device it does not have malicious software before using it to send money. For the same reason, you should never use a public computer for remittance. Similarly, it is vital to have a strong password avoid using passwords such as your name, date of birth, contact number strictly.


Be assured with account to which you are transferring money. Make sure it is authentic and has proper processing systems. Do not skip any verification process. Keep your papers up to date for that. Keep a tab on whether the transaction is happening in the stipulated time. Do not take any delay in the entire process lightly, and report it immediately. And yes, preserve all the receipts of the transfer, once it is done.

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