One Money Transfer Business gets a business challenge to have an MTS integrated  with multi remittance partners. VayuPay helps them to achieve the same, by delivering an end to end connected system which helps them to get high revenue, smooth business operations.

Business Problem

MTO business was partnered with more than one remitting company. Thus they were looking for a solution that must have integration with more than one remittance partner. Transaction should be automatically routed through one of the proffered remittance partners. 


Money Transfer Engine end to end integrated with two remittance APIs, Customer front end compatible with both remittance APIs. Mechanism to the automatic route transactions to the preferred remittance partners. Manual overriding over auto routing and process transaction via selected remittance partner.  


Enhanced money transfer management, Economical business process. Reliability of more than one available option for remittance. Flexibility to choose remittance partners offering higher exchange rates, turning transaction booking more profitable.