The international airtime top up business has a very wide scope

Airtime Top Up Software allows your business to offer a professional and easy mobile and cell phone top up service for people looking to add airtime credit on the go. Scale your business to 150+ countries with over 500 operators.

VayuPay offers a very inexpensive and reliable way of transfer and receives mobile top ups. It helps to send airtime top up to anywhere in world.

Thus, if you are looking for starting an airtime top up business then it is a very good idea. In order to provide airtime top up service to your customers effectively, we can help you with our innovative system (VayuPay) to enable one-stop solution facility.

Our system provides one-stop solution by providing different types of services like international money transfer services, mobile apps services, utility services, online bill payments, online mobile recharges and many more at one place.

How to get benefit from international airtime top up business?

  • Commission: You can earn commission from providers on every airtime top up and can double your earnings.
  • Fee: You can set the fee for per transaction as well as for adding wish message with airtime top ups.
  • Agent setup: You can earn commission from agents on every transaction.

How to take maximum advantage from our services?

  • Our product is a secure and cost-effective which can increase the efficiency of the customers and can save their time.
  • Provide a one-stop solution for your customers which can boost your business sales.
  • You can avail different services from your nearby agent.
  • Reliable and secure system.
  • Very easy to use, mobile responsive and user friendly.
  • You will have your own web and mobile app (iOS/Android) with your own brand.
  • Facilitate seamless transactions through any channel: digital and physical.
  • Your business service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thus round the clock revenue generation.