Leverage Technology to Ignite Remittance Operations

The Comprehensive Money Transfer Software System loaded with unmatched & advance features to effectively manage your  Money Transfer Business

A Money Transfer System to expand your vision

Whether you are a micro, small or large business, Vayupay designed to suits you

Bespoke Solution

Vayupay arranges a robust platform to streamline your business processes and daily operations to expand your money transfer business vision and profits.

VayuPay has been designed and built using in a highly robust technical architecture and easily customizable or extended to implement your required features. Additionally, it can be integrate with your existing system.

Vayupay - Online Money Transfer Software System


Vayupay offer amazing features all in one robust system. It delivers the highest level of usability and support to enable you the control and functionality to grow your business. It’s a platform simple to install, implement, and maintain making it easy to grow and scale.

Vayupay helps your business

Best Value for Money

Pay for only what you need and get upgraded as your business grows. Flexible  payment options make it best value for your money.

Quick on Board

We don’t make things complicated; we offer you a quick onboard and easy to use system aligned with standard, allowing your customer to create orders in just 1 minute!

Unparalleled Technical Support

Teams of experienced technical experts are available to deliver class technical support in addition to Complete How-To Guides, instruction videos. We’ll even help with in-house staff training or customize the system so that it suits your exact business needs and requirements.


Keep Sanctions Screening in Your System

Sanctions Screening is the process of reviewing sanctions lists to check if any user/customer in your business process is involved in financing crime or terrorism, so that you can take the appropriate action. What is a Sanctions List? A sanctions list contains names...

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Why is Anti Money Laundering extremely important

Why is Anti Money Laundering extremely important? It is well understood that money launderers use deceit or theft to capture the processes of financial entities for illicit purposes. Therefore AML(Anti Money Laundering)program must execute inner control outlines that...

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