Money Transfer App

Leverage Technology to Ignite Remittance Operations

Money Transfer App to expand your vision.

Whether you are a micro, small or large business, VayuPay designed to suits you.


  • Easy and quick login
  • Users can login via mobile number.
  • Once logged in successfully, they will be sent to dashboard page.
  • Dashboard page will allow users to start a money transfer order.

Sign Up

  • User will be able to register in system with their mobile number.
  • Mobile OPT verification will be performed.

Send Money

  1. User will be able to perform Money Transfer order from app.
  2. User will fill amount, from and to currencies.
  3. System will automatically fetch FEE and rates set in app.
  4. User will choose or create beneficiary for order.
  5. Summary will be shown. Once proceed payment page will be displayed.
  6. On payment success a confirmation will be shown to user and a Page 3 of 5
    unique order number will be generated for same.